Terms & Conditions 

This is a legal agreement between EverSite.co (www.AUSRWC.com.au) and the user (“you” or “your”) for the use of our Web Site AUSRWC.com.au.

  • You MUST read these terms and conditions thoroughly.
  • Your use of the .com.au will be subject to the following terms and conditions.

By listing your workshop on www.AUSRWC.com.au you accept the EverSite.co offer, which includes:

Your workshop will be one of the four workshops in your physical location suburb.

EverSite.co will promote www.AUSRWC.com.au to all its network users by displaying advertisements.

By listing your workshop on AUSRWC.com.au, you agree that it is in compliance with our terms & conditions, Guidelines and Policies listed below. Furthermore, you acknowledge that;

  • EverSite.co does not warrant the Website will be uninterrupted or error or defect free while we will use reasonable efforts to maintain an uninterrupted service. It is important to note that the Website can on very rare occasions experience severe technical problems. Although AUSRWC.com.au is thoroughly tested, on occasion some technical issues may occur. We reserve the right to rectify any minor issues such as page errors or temporary loss of service within 72 hours.
  • EverSite.co understands that promoting your business online can be a difficult, confusing and time-consuming process. While we will use various marketing channels with a high degree of effort to promote your business, we cannot guarantee your business success.


EverSite.co reserve the right at any time to:

  • Change the terms & conditions, Guidelines and Policies of this Agreement;
  • Change the Site, including eliminating or discontinuing any content on or feature of the Web Site;
  • Change any fees or charges for using the Web Site;
  • Modify any business listing(s) in violation of our terms and conditions in order to prevent abuse and keep the content appropriate for our general audience. This includes people of all ages, races, religions, and nationalities. Therefore, all business listings that are in violation of our terms and conditions are subject to being removed immediately and without prior notice;
  • Change the format of the Website at its sole discretion from time to time;
  • Suspend the operation of the Website from time to time for repair or maintenance work, or in order to update or upgrade the contents or functionality of the Website;
  • Approve all users prior to giving them access to the Website and may in its sole discretion accept or reject any user without giving reasons.

User Responsibilities

  • In the event of any failure or error in the operation of the username or password, the User shall cease using the username and/or password and exit the Website immediately, and notify EverSite.co of such failure or error;
  • The User is responsible for obtaining and updating its own web browser and for all amounts payable in respect of connection to the internet including any telecommunications charges for time spent online in respect of use of the Website;
  • User will comply with all directions and instructions given by EverSite.co in relation to the use of and access to the Website and Services.
  • The Website (including the software used to operate it) is owned by EverSite.co. The User is not granted any right or interest in these.
  • The User shall notify EverSite.co immediately if the User becomes aware of any such unauthorised access, use or copying by any person.
    • Password
      • Following registration by the User, EverSite.co will deliver the username and password to the User via email.
      • The User shall keep the username and password confidential at all times. Any breach of these terms and conditions by anyone to whom the User discloses the password will be treated as if the breach had been committed by the User, and will not relieve the User of its obligations under these terms and conditions.
      • The User shall take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorised disclosure of the username and password and will notify EverSite.co immediately if the password becomes known to any unauthorised user.
      • The User will use the username and password only for access to the Website.

By listing your business on our website, you agree to the following statement:

  • I agree that I or Company will be solely responsible for the content of my / our business listing(s) that I / Company post on this website.
  • I / Company will not hold the owner(s) of this website “EverSite.co” responsible for any losses or damages to myself / Company or to others that may result directly or indirectly from any business listing(s) that I / Company post here.

By posting your business on our site, you further agree to the following guidelines:

  • No foul or otherwise inappropriate language will be tolerated. Business listings in violation of this rule are subject to being removed immediately and without warning. If it was a paid vehicle listing, no refund will be issued.
  • No racist, hateful, or otherwise offensive comments will be tolerated.
  • No business listing promoting activities that are illegal under the current The Australian Law.
  • Any business listing that appears to be merely a test posting, a joke, insincere or unprofessional are subject to removal.
  • We reserve the ultimate discretion as to which business listing, if any, are in violation of these guidelines and may remove any ad/ads which do not comply with the guidelines.

Illegal or Inappropriate

In addition, you agree that you shall use the Website only for legal purposes and comply with all applicable law, statutes and regulations in connection with the use of the Website. You MUST NOT

  • Be under 18 years of age to use the Website;
  • Publish, post, upload, distribute, disseminate or otherwise transmit, information or pictures that are obscene or pornographic, threatening, menacing, racist, offensive, defamatory, libellous, or are alleged to be, or are in the opinion of EverSite.co  , thought to be insulting or are otherwise unlawful;
  • Upload files that contain software or other materials in breach of any intellectual property rights or in breach of confidence;
  • Download any file of materials posted by another user that you know, or reasonably should know cannot be copied or otherwise used;
  • Harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the rights of others;
  • Hack into, deliver viruses or engage in any other behaviour intended to restrain any other user from using and enjoying the Website that is otherwise likely to damage or destroy the reputation of the Website.

EverSite.co accepts no obligation to monitor the use of the Website by the users. EverSite.co reserves the right to disclose any information as required by law or regulations to remove, refuse to post or to edit any information or materials and to take such other action as may be reasonably necessary to prevent any breach of these terms occurring.


As a condition of your use of this Website you agree that you WILL NOT:

  • Reverse engineer or decompile (whether in whole or in part) any software available (If any) through the Website (save to the extent expressly permitted by applicable law);
  • Disclose, publish, transfer or otherwise make available any of the contents of the Website or information learned by you whilst using the Website;
  • Provide to or arrange to permit to any other person, access to the Website;
  • Remove, change or obscure any user/ vehicle identification or notices of proprietary rights or any restriction on the Website;
  • Remove any copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property right notices contained in material on the Website;
  • Make copies, modify or alter (including the creation of HTML links to or from the Website) all or any part of the Website or any materials contained on the Website.


  • No partnership, agency, joint venture relationship is intended or created by these Terms.
  • You agree that EverSite.co provides a business listing Website andEverSite.co shall under no circumstances be liable for any representation made on the Website by any user.

Legal Responsibility

As a User that wishes to list business for promotion on the Website – You agree that:

  • You are the owner or have the right to use the pictures and text used to list and promote the business and that in uploading this to the website you are providing us with a license to use the same;
  • You are the owner of the business or have the authority from the owner to promote the business;
  • You agree that the description of the business listing and photo(s) uploaded by you to the Website accurately describe the business and you agree to indemnifyEverSite.co against all claims, losses, and damages in respect of the description of the business;
  • Hereby agrees that he/she/ Company is liable for all information (including photos) that he/she/Company uploads/provides to the Website including but not limited to any false or misleading information or photos;
  • The user agrees to indemnify EverSite.co against all claims, losses, damages, legal fees and consequential loss as a result of the information it provides or uploads to the Website;
  • The user agrees to indemnify EverSite.co against all claims, losses, damages, legal fees and consequential loss made by its client or any third party in respect of the vehicles road worthiness and safety;
  • EverSite.co shall not in any circumstances be liable for any indirect special or consequential loss or damage or any loss of profits, business opportunities, or damage to goodwill (whether such losses are direct or indirect) to either party;
  • EverSite.co supplies the Website “as is” and, to the extent permitted by law, makes no representation or warranty (express or implied) about the accuracy, quality or completeness of any information or materials made available on the Website or third party web sites linked from the Website;
  • EverSite.co shall not be liable for any action taken by a User as a result of relying on any information provided in the Website or third party websites or for any loss or damage suffered by a User as a result of a User taking such action;
  • EverSite.co does not accept responsibility for the security or content of any information which users supply through the Website and will not be liable for the content of any communication or messages received by User from other users.;
  • The User is solely responsible for its use of the Website, username, password and any information made available on the Website from time to time and for any consequences or effects (whether direct or indirect) of such use;
  • All the parties agree thatEverSite.co is acting solely as an e-Commerce platform and shall not be liable and shall not be deemed to have given any warranties in respect of the business or services supplied hereto.

Membership Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation should be initiated by either telephoning our Sales Representative or emailing our Administration Team.
  • Cancellation requests need to be received 7 working days before your package subscription is due to bill/re-bill to ensure that we have time to process the cancellation request before the next payment is due.
  • EverSite.co does not accept responsibility for any of the following; lack of interest in your listing(s), or advertisement; unwanted / unused membership (Partly used or otherwise); inability to access the website or other members for any reason; non responses from other users/members; unwanted / no longer needed advertisement space.

Refund Requests Policy

We would honour refund requests for the following:

  • If EverSite.co experiences major technical issues, such as becoming totally inactive (i.e., the Website cannot be accessed / found due to our server hosting error) for longer than 7 working days, we will endeavour to extend your membership in order to fulfil your allotted subscription time.
  • If severe technical problems continue indefinitely www.AUSRWC.com.au will notify you to discuss solutions. Alternatively we recommend you contacting us for assistance.

In such cases, claims for a refund for non-delivery of membership due to prolonged technical problems on our server (over a consecutive 7 working day period), must be emailed to info@eversite.com.au within a further 7 working days (i.e. 14 working days from the start of the problem). EverSite.co reserves the right to change its refund policy at any time without notice. It is the customers / users / members responsibility to keep abreast of changes to policy.

Please note that we do not bear any responsibility for incompatibility with your browser or third-party software (plug-ins, add-ons, modules, search engines, scripts, extensions etc) and therefore we do not satisfy any refund request based on these. We do not guarantee that our services are fully compatible with any third-party programs and we do not provide support for third-party applications.

Our Technical Support Team is always eager to assist you and deliver highly professional support in a timely manner.

Thank you

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